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Beer Pairing 101

Wait — beer with fine dining? You betcha! For a moment, forget about beer with burgers or pizza (although we indulge in those now and again, too). Today’s brews are expertly crafted to bring either bold flavors or subtle, nuanced tastes that (surprise!) pair beautifully with all types of cuisine.

Why Wood-Fired Food Tastes Best (Give it a Try!)

It’s not barbecue and it’s not smoking … it’s something in between, and it’s magical! We’re talking about wood-firing food and how it imparts irresistibly unique, roasty flavors and depth to meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. “Chefs prefer wood-fired grills over gas because you get better flavor,” said The Gables at Chadds Ford executive chef Sean Holland. “The smoke from the wood …