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Dave WenerdMeet our new Chef!

The Gables is excited to announce we have hired Dave Wenerd as our new Executive Chef. We sat down with him and asked him a few fun questions. Here’s what he had to say!

Gables: Where did you grow up, and did you eat your veggies as a kid?

Dave: North Wilmington, DE. Yes, I ate my veggies. I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I did.

Gables: What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?

Dave: Squirt bottles.

Gables: Funniest kitchen incident?

Dave: Any time I dance.

Gables: What’s your favorite food to cook with? Any foods you just can’t stand?

Dave: Parsnips and carrots are my favorites. I like all foods.

Gables: What do you like to eat when you are at home?

Dave: “Refrigerator Omelets.” Anything I can find and put in a cheese omelet.

Gables: What’s your favorite wine?

Dave: Montoya Pinot Noir 2009

Gables: What do you do for fun?

Dave: Softball leagues and play around with my 3 legged dog Scrappy Doo.

Gables: What would you want to have as your last meal?

Dave: My mom’s stuffed shells.

Gables: How and from where do you get your inspirations for the dishes you create?

Dave: I think first about what is in season, then how to elevate the simplest of ingredients and make one dish, using colors, shapes, textures…and don’t forget it has to taste good!

Gables: What’s your favorite comfort food?

Dave: Wine and cheese.

Gables: If you hadn’t chosen cooking, what would be your career of choice?

Dave: I have no idea! I chose cooking and thought about nothing else.

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